From Australia to Asia, Europe and the Americas - the IIHF Global Girls' Game will be played again this season, this time on weekend of 8th and 9th February 2020. The weekend-long game between the Team Blue and Team White players starts on early with events in Australia, Japan, Russia and Germany and from there the puck goes to further west to Africa, Europe and all parts of the American continent to battle for the global winner and the aggregate score until the last puck drop on Sunday in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

Follow this festival of girls' hockey here, in our photo gallery and in social media using the hashtag #GlobalGirlsGame. You can follow the action through our channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too.

Next Global Girls' Game: 5-6 March 2022

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Team Blue Team White
127 111
1 Germany 08:00 10-3
Sat Bad Sachsa 08:00  
Comments: About 20 girls participated in this game in Bad Sachsa in the central Harz mountains. “It was a lot of fun to only play with girls, even though my team lost. We had lots of fun on and off the ice and I also won a jersey with all names of all players from the last U18 World Championship on it. Next year I will be part of this again, I promise,” said Ronja, one of the Team White players.  
2 Japan 16:30 1-9
Sat Kushiro 08:30  
Comments: 34 junior players (12 years and under) participated in this game in Kushiro on the northern island of Hokkaido with Hina Fukuyama scoring five goals in Team White's win.  
3 Russia 13:00 2-2
Sat Ufa 09:00  
Comments: Agidel Ufa, one of the top teams in Russia’s Women’s Hockey League, organized a master class with the professional players turning to instructors for girls’ players from the local organization and from Sterlitamak before having a game. Here's a video from the event. “Little girls smiled at us like that today, and we gladly passed on our experience to them,” said Agidel player Yelizaveta Rodnova. The friendly game was played between Agidel Ufa in blue and the amateur team Rossomakhi (or in English Wolverine) although the latter team got some boost with Agidel players. Korzhakova and Khalitova opened the scoring for Team Blue and in the end it was a 2-2 draw with Golovanova and Sosina scoring for Team White.  
4 Poland 10:00 9-3
Sat Katowice 10:00  
5 Finland 12:00 2-0
Sat Alavus 11:00  
6 Sweden 12:10 4-3
Sat Orebro 12:10  
Comments: Team Blue (Jarna SK) and Team White (Orebro Hockey UF) played to a 3-3 tie, with the Blues earning the win in overtime outscoring the Whites 2-0 in the shootout.  
7 Lithuania 13:15 2-1
Sat Jelgava (LAT) 12:15  
Comments: This game was a Lithuanian-Estonian clash staged at a tournament between these countries, in Jelgava, Latvia. HC Amber (Lithuania) representing Team Blue won the game 2-1 against HC Grizzlys (Estonia).  
8 Malaysia 20:00 1-2
Sat Petaling Jaya 13:00  
Comments: A total of 34 players represented Malaysia in the Blue and White team for the Global Girls’ Game. The number of players had shown significantly increased this year. There were 26 junior and 8 seniors players battling on the ice. The game was 1-1 after three periods and Team White won in the shootout.  
9 Serbia 13:30 2-2
Sat Novi Sad 13:30  
Comments: 33 girls played in a tied game in Serbia's northern city of Novi Sad.  
10 Czech Republic 14:00 4-3
Sat Ceska Lipa 14:00  
Comments: 50 girls from 6 to 12 years  came from the whole country to participate in the Global Girls’ Game in Ceska Lipa. Some of them have never played on the big rink before, so this was their first experience. An even game finished only with one-goal margin for Team Blue.  
11 Norway 14:30 8-1
Sat Halden 14:30  
Comments: 31 girls (age 6-10) from five different clubs were split into two teams, Blue vs. White.  
12 Estonia 16:00 0-5
Sat Viljandi 15:00  
Comments: Team White, a women's team from Tallinn, played the local women's team of Viljandi, the newest city with a hockey club in Estonie, and skated to a solid 5-0 victory.  
13 Netherlands 15:30 4-2
Sat Groningen 15:30  
Comments: The girls from Team White drove 3.5 hours from the south of the Netherlands to the north of the country to participate in their Global Girls Game against Team Blue. It was a very hard game and close through the 2nd period, in the 3e period team bleu scored 2 unanswered goals to go ahead for the 4-2 win. Before the game the girls got together for a picture with both teams and the referees with the Fair Play and Respect flag.   
14 Slovakia 17:00 6-4
Sat Halden (NOR) 17:00  
15 Bosnia & Herzegovina 17:30 4-6
Sat Sarajevo 17:30  
Comments: Well-balanced teams with 20 girls participating competed hard for a Team White victory.  The teams were composed of girls of all categries in shifts according to age.  
16 Latvia 19:00 5-0
Sat Riga 18:00  
Comments: The newbies of the Baltic Championship crossed the sticks with one of the most experienced team in Latvia. The experience won today, but with such stamina and fearlessness there is a bright future for all the youngsters from Team White.  
17 Luxembourg 18:15 4-3
Sat Kockelscheuer 18:15  
Comments: 22 female players took part from Luxembourg and also its neighbourhood in Germany, Belgium and France.  
18 Canada 15:30 7-5
Sat St. John's, NL 20:00  
Comments: 40 U15 aged, recreational female hockey players from all across Canada travelled to St. John’s (Newfoundland) for this year's Global Girls’ Game. The Canadian leg of the Global Girls’ Game extended into a weekend of activities focusing on empowerment and team-building for the players in order to foster greater self-confidence, learn from one another, and form friendships while taking in the rich culture and hospitality of Newfoundland & Labrador. The game was neck and neck until the final period when Team Blue (in red, since it’s Canada) pulled ahead for the win, but important than the score is the fun the players had on and off the ice. This year’s game included all female coaches, officials, game volunteers and even the local U9 female teams got involved.  
19 Great Britain 20:30 1-3
Sat Sheffield 21:30  
Comments:  Thirty-two of the top women’s prospects in the Great Britain Women’s program went head-to-head in Sheffield. Team White came out of top with a 3-1 victory in Ice Sheffield.   
20 USA 15:30 0-3
Sat Anaheim, CA 00:30  
Comments: In Anaheim, California, Team White (represented by the San Diego Jr. Gulls Girls team) defeated Team Blue (represented by the Lady Ducks Hockey
team) 3-0 in the U.S. portion of the Global Girls Game. In addition to the action on the ice, a panel discussion was held which brought 75 women's ice hockey influencers for discussions on how to grow the women's game and how to develop the tools that leaders need to implement new programs and policies to ensure that female leadership is increasing in girls' and women's hockey. 
21 Australia 16:15 1-4
Sun Melbourne 06:15  
22 South Africa 08:30 4-4
Sun Cape Town 07:30  
Comments: A variety of more experienced players and new girls shared in a morning of hockey! First, we enjoyed hearing from our coaches and referees on some fun facts about #GlobalGirlsGame, the Women’s Movement as well as how we can be more eco-conscious when playing and thinking more sustainability by trying out the #SayNoToTape movement. Then we enjoyed a game playing against each other and having loads of fun doing so.  
23 Spain 08:30 4-2
Sun Granada 08:30  
Comments: 44 female players took part in this game in southern Spain. Elena Ramos scored two goals for Team Blue.  
24 Turkey 13:00 6-5
Sun Istanbul 11:00  
Comments: The 2020 GGG was held as a part of play-off series in Turkey. There were around 150-200 spectators from all ages who were cheering for their teams. The game was a thriller, since the rivals played exceptionally well and the game was very contentious. Blue team had 3 points and white team had 1 point at the end of first period. Second period brought 1 goal to the white team. In the first 5 minutes of third period, white team had 2 more points and the score was 4-3. Then blue team was able to edge Team White in the closing moments to bring them the victory for this game.
After the game, there was a very friendly atmosphere. Ayşe and Ebrar (from Blue Team) and Sena and Sueda (from White Team) were chatting each other. Ayşe said ‘We tried hard, we insist and we won’, Ebrar added ‘We believed’ while Sena reported ‘We lost but we did not give up.’ and Sueda added ‘The game was very contentious. 
25 Romania 13:00 5-2
Sun Miercurea Ciuc 12:00  
Comments: It was a great game for both teams with players coming from Bucharest, Miercurea Ciuc and Gheorgheni. Both teams had players from the national team and the level was high.  
26 Iceland 11:45 7-6
Sun Reykjavik 11:45  
Comments: Iceland’s first lady, Eliza Reid opened the Global Girls Event in Reykjavik in a record setting participation of 38 hockey girls from ages 5 til about 30 year. It was a fun and friendly game of hockey. The goalies were goalies for the teams were even two ice-hockey playing twin sisters! All participants were offered hot chocolate and kleinur (Icelandic doughnuts).  
27 Switzerland 12:45 1-5
Sun Sursee 12:45  
Comments: Team Blue took the red jersey as the teams had the Swiss girls' hockey colours and Team White put there opponent under pressure from the start with a great team effort. Both goalies were able to excel. All girls had a lot of fun with the game and were very happy to see each other again.  
28 Croatia 12:45 4-1
Sun Zagreb 12:45  
Comments: The game was played in a festive mood and all the players had fun. Before the GGG, 19 girls under the age of ten played a cross-ice mini game with small goals. All together 47 female players participated in the event.  
29 France 13:00 4-3
Sun Garges-les-Gonesse 13:00  
Comments: 13 players came together to take the blue and white jerseys for the Global Girls' Game in Garges-les-Gonesse, France. The players were very happy to participate in this game and kept smiling from the beginning until the end.  
30 Ukraine 15:00 2-3
Sun Brovary 14:00  
Comments: This year the game was held between the players of Ukraine’s women’s national team that is preparing for the 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Division II Group B in Iceland. Alika Hadlia scored two goals for Team White including the game-winner.  
31 Argentina 10:30 3-6
Sun Buenos Aires 14:30  
Comments: Taking place in the warmth of the South American summer, the Global Girl Game was held in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina. The final result was Team White 6, Team Blue 3 in a very tight match with the participation of several junior players.
The match was tied at 3 until the last period, when Alma Ameigeiras (the MVP of the game after scoring a hat trick) and Luciana Lach (2 Goals and 1 Ass) scored 3 points to give the victory to the White team. The six goals by Team White Argentina but the total number of GGG 2020 goals by the Whites to over 100, trailing the blues by 16 with a few more games left to play around the world.
32 Hungary 15:00 2-1
Sun Budapest 15:00  
33 Bulgaria 16:00 1-6
Sun Sofia 15:00  
Comments: 27 players from local clubs (NSA, CSKA, Levski Sofia, Irbis-Skate, Ice Devils and Slavia) participated in the Global Girls Game 2020 in Winter Sports Palace in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Little girls were extremely happy to play side by side with players from the Women’s National Team of Bulgaria. Team White got 6 goals, while Team Blue scored 1. Everything was organized perfectly by the Bulgarian Ice Hockey Federation and Vanesa Georgieva, who is responsible for growing the girls hockey in the country.  
34 Mexico 08:30 0-2
Sun San Jeronimo 15:30  
35 Kuwait 18:00 2-1
Sun Kuwait City 16:00  
36 Austria 16:45 4-0
Sun Graz 16:45  
Comments: Lot of fun for the two teams and 25 players, and the first goal for the youngest player – Julia Klamminger (Team Blue). It was an exhibition game between DEC Devils Graz (Team Blue) and Ice Cats Linz (Team White), who despite their long rivalry on the ice are friends as well.  
37 North Macedonia 18:30 1-0
Sun Skopje 18:30  
Comments: The game has been played in 3-on-3 cross-ice format. The players were the girls from Macedonian Ice Hockey Federation’s domestic development project so called “Never2Late4Hockey” program supported by the IIHF and in coordination with School Sports Federation of North Macedonia. Program has more than 80 students from different schools at Skopje. More than 20 of the participants of the program, who are attending skating classes, has just started this year to join ice hockey learn to play program as well. It is an equal opportunity program for girls and boys but the interest of the girls in learn to play hockey program was actually higher than the boys. The game was leaded by Emily Cracknell who is an American enthusiast and learn to play hockey instructor who lives and plays ice hockey with senior men ice hockey players in Skopje. This was the first ever played ice hockey game in between the girls in North Macedonia. The Macedonian Ice Hockey Federation, is planning to support the girls’ game in the belief that the girls’ program will be successful due to interest and passion of the girls on the game.  
38 Belgium 19:15 -
Sun Brussels 19:15  
Comments: Game cancelled due to weather conditions (storm).  
2020 Global Girls' Game