SAVE THE DATE: The next edition is scheduled for 8-9 February 2020.

From New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas - the IIHF Global Girls' Game will be played again this season, this time on weekend of 16th and 17th February 2019. The weekend-long game between the Team Blue and Team White players starts on early Saturday near Auchkland, New Zealand, and from there the puck goes to Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and further west to Europe to battle for the global winner and the aggregate score until the last puck drop on Sunday in Detroit, USA.

Follow this festival of girls' hockey here, in our photo gallery and in social media using the hashtag #GlobalGirlsGame. You can follow the action through our channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too.

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Team Blue Team White
137 135
1 New Zealand 10:15 1-2
Sat Botany 22:15  
Comments: “We are honoured to kick of the IIHF Global Girls’ Game. We had 20 enthusiastic women hit the ice representing seven countries,” said Rachel Park. As per tradition, the easternmost IIHF member country New Zealand started with the GGG on Saturday morning when it was still Friday night in most parts of the world. It took place in Botany in the Auckland region. “Our women also enjoy minutes on the ice. We saw outstanding performances from Helen Murray putting a point on the board, met by Rachel Park and Brittany Carroll on the white side and taking the win. Jasmine Horner-Pascoe was all wheels and magical hands as per her usually style of play and we were ecstatic to see Bella Vogel and Mel Sullivan come out of retirement to challenge the rep women one more time.”  
2 Australia 13:15 2-1
Sat Melbourne 03:15  
Comments: 29 players – 7 junior girls and 22 senior women players from beginner to elite level – hit the ice for a fun but challenging ice hockey match between the Blue and White teams. White and Blue battled it out right from the start to the bitter end. The players showed grit and determination to close the gap between the two scores but Blue won on the day. Everyone had a fantastic time!  
3 Japan 14:00 0-10
Sat Hanamaki 06:00  
Comments: From Oceania the Global Girls’ Game continued in Asia. Hanamaki in the north of Japan’s main island Honshu was the venue in the Far East of the continent. The game ended with a whopping 10-0 win for Team White. Before the game there were two kids’ games with the U9 game ending 1-1 and the second kids’ game with a 4-2 win for Team Blue. The local Iwate Blue Birds represented Team Blue while Team White was a Miyagi & Akita joint team. Two Olympians, Ayumi Suzuki (Nagano Olympics) and Tomoe Yamane (Sochi Olympics), were on the ice too with Team White, conducted  a hockey lesson and helped in two kids' games. Nao Fukuda, just 13, played as goaltender for Team Blue. In total 27 players, senior and junior age, participated, and including the juniors events 57 female players participated during the day. The popular local Iwate mascot Sobacchi was present too for a ceremonial puck drop.  
4 Russia 09:00 3-2
Sat Krasnoyarsk 07:00  
Comments: The game of the Women's Hockey League between Biryusa Krasnoyarsk in the blue jerseys and SKIF Nizhni Novgorod representing Team White served as Russia's stop of the Global Girls' Game. 38 players took part. It looked like another win for Team White when SKIF went ahead with goals from Kristi Shashkina and Karolina Rantamaki but then the home team replied with two second-period goals from Valeria Pavlova, who with 4:34 left in the third period completed her hat trick to score the game-winning goal. The city in Siberia will soon host the 2019 Winter Universiade. You can watch the full game here.  
5 Romania 11:00 8-2
Sat Miercurea Ciuc 10:00  
Comments: 30 girls who composed the two teams come from clubs in the cities: Bucharest, Miercurea Ciuc and Gheorgheni. Although the group of supporters at the ice rink was about 150 people, the atmosphere was worthy of a real derby, full of challenges. Fans encouraged both teams throughout the game.  
6 Turkey 13:00 3-1
Sat Ankara 11:00  
Comments: 24 youth, junior and senior players participated to the Global Girls’ Game in the Turkish capital of Ankara in mixed teams. Notable is that Team White’s only goal was scored by three-and-a-half-year-old Arya!  
7 France 11:30 2-1
Sat Paris 11:30  
Comments: Team Blue comes closer by one more goal. Before the French Cup Final at the AccordHotels Arena in Paris Bercy, the French venue of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, it was time for the women. Team Blue with players from the south faced off against Team White with players from the north with IIHF President René Fasel and French Ice Hockey Federation President Luc Tardif in attendance. After a scoreless first period Chantal Cleret gave Team White the lead at 8:22 but six minutes later Clothilde Weyrich scored for Team Blue. The game-winner for Team Blue came in the third period from Alexane Jeanpierre. It was certainly the Global Girls’ Game in the biggest arena where the festivities continue soon.  
8 Malaysia 19:00 5-1
Sat Kuala Lumpur 12:00  
Comments: 26 players represented Malaysia in the blue and white jerseys for the Global Girls’ Game this year. There were 14 junior and 12 senior players, battling their hearts out on the ice, with a balanced mix of senior and junior players in each team. Zaira Rahman was shining with four points for Team Blue. The game ends with a glorious win for Team Blue, 5-1.  
9 Ukraine 13:30 6-8
Sat Kyiv 12:30  
Comments: Ukraine hosted the Global Girls’ Game for the third time and made it a competitive experience for girls between the age of 6 to 14 who came to the capital of Kyiv also from other regions uch as Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and Bila Tserkva. In total 70 players came to the vent. Team White with women’s national team head coach Vadym Radchenko beat Team White coached by national team player Yulia Dobrovolskaya 8-6. The game was officiated by two female referees under the guidance of the referee-in-chief of the national championship. Dsana Rozhok was named MVP and after the game the participants got a gift and cake.  
10 Finland 13:30 1-1
Sat Somero 12:30  
Comments: The Finnish town of Somero hosted a Girls’ Hockey Day event. In total there were 18 girls taking part in the event of which ten played the game that ended in a 1-1 tie. For some girls it was the first time they try to play hockey. The end result was plenty of red cheeks, lots of positive energy and happy little hockey players.  
11 Poland 13:00 2-3
Sat Katowice 13:00  
Comments: 40 players in Katowice from 5 to 40 years of age were supported by 150 spectators in Poland’s third Global Girls’ Game participation. Host Kojotki Naprzod in white defeated The Best Girls from Bytom with red jerseys representing Team Blue 3-2.   
12 Norway 14:00 0-9
Sat Kongsvinger 14:00  
Comments: 30 players from 10 to 13 years of age from both Storhamar and Kongsvinger came to the ice with a loud and light intro to play Norway’s part of the Global Girls’ Game. It was an entertaining game with many great opportunities. Despite great saves by the Team Blue goaltender it ended with a 9-0 win for Team White.  
13 Denmark  16:00 4-9
Sat Amar 16:00  
Comments: A total of 44 girls took part in the Danish Global Girls' Game. Team  White added to its overall global lead with a 9-4 win. The participants were between the ages of 9 and 15 years old, and came from seven different clubs. The game started with a strong start to the whites but turned around in the 3rd period where the blues started to fight back bringing the final score to 9 - 4 to the white team.
All the girls had a fantastic time and look forward to next year already.
14 Italy 16:30 10-1
Sat Dobbiaco 16:30  
Comments:  Italy's 2019 Global Girls' Game took place between the Toblach Icebears, representing Team White, and teh Alleghe Girls team, representing Team Blue. Alleghe played great and score ten goals to reduce Team White's overall global lead.   
15 North Macedonia 17:00 -
Sat Skopje 17:00  
Comments:  Due to issues with the cooling system, North Macedonia's Global Girls' Game will be rescheduled to a later date.   
16 Great Britain 16:00 2-2
Sat Sheffield 17:00  
Comments: Some of the brightest young prospects in the Great Britain Women's program took part in the IIHF Global Girls' Game this afternoon.
A total of 33 players were divided into two teams, with the game ending Team Blue 2-2 Team White in Ice Sheffield.
17 Hungary 17:30 3-3
Sat Budapest 17:30  
Comments: Hungary played the Global Girls’ Game in the Tüskecsarnok arena in Budapest. The Blue and White teams were made up of  a first line that included former national team players and the second line from U16 to U12 players. IIHF Council Member and long-time player Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer led Team White. In total 27 players were on the ice. After the first half Team Blue led 2:0, then in the second half Team White scored 3 goals in a row. Before the end of the game Team Blue knotted the game up at 3-3.  
18 Ireland 18:40 6-1
Sat Elektrenai (LTU) 17:40  
Comments: The ladies development team of the Irish Ice Hockey Association played games against teams from host Lithuania and Latvia with one game of the tournament being part of the Global Girls' Game. The game can be watched here. The GGG in Lithuania was the same date as the ‘’hockey Lietuva lady cup’’ international girls tournament. The two-day tournament involved five teams from Latvia, Lithuania and Ireland were participating. The game between ‘’The Saints ‘’ (Ireland-Team White) and ‘’Hockey Girls’’ (Lithuania-Team Blue) was as GGG of Ireland. The game ended 6:1.Team Hockey Girls from Lithuania won the tournament.   
19 Bulgaria 19:00 3-4
Sat Sofia 18:00  
Comments: The event took place at Slavia Ice Rink in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In total there were 24 players – 12 junior girls and 12 senior players who hit the ice and had fun. Team White won over Team Blue with 4-3.   
20 Latvia 19:45 0-1
Sat Riga 18:45  
Comments:  A good crowd turned out to participate  the Latvian #GlobalGirlsGame. Team White won 1-0 to bring the overall global score to Team White 61, Team Blue 55  
21 Czech Republic 19:00 4-2
Sat Nachod 19:00  
Comments: A total of 43 Czech girls aged from six- to 12-years-old participated in their country's Global Girls' Game, which took place in the northern city of Nachod. The Blue Team scored four goals en route to a 4-2 win, which in the global scores put the Blues ahead of Team White 65-64  
22 Spain 21:45 4-0
Sat Granada 21:45  
Comments:  Spain's Global GIrls' Game saw the Granada Grizzlies women's ice hockey team take on the Logrono Panthers. The Grizzlies and the Panthers represented Team White and Team Blue respectively. The game was held at the IGLOO arena located in Granada. It was streamed live on the Facebok page of Igloo Granada and onthe Spanish Ice Sports Feredation's Youtube channel  
23 Canada 15:00 5-4
Sat Calgary 23:00  
Comments: 40 bantam-aged, recreational female hockey players from across Canada united in Calgary at the Scotiabank Saddledome for this year's Global Girls Game. The game was down to the wire, tied at 4 goals each when the clock ran out. It would be determined by a shootout with Team Blue emerging victorious, 5-4 over Team White! The girls not only took part in the game but experienced a weekend of empowering, team-building activities, in order to foster greater self-confidence, encourage good citizenship, learn from one another, and form relationships.  
24 Mexico 21:00 4-3
Sat Mexico City 04:00  
Comments: It was a competitive game in Mexico with a tight score and a lot of fun for the 18 players who took part.  
25 South Africa 08:00 13-15
Sun Cape Town 07:00  
Comments: The Western Province Ice Hockey Association hosted South Africa’s stop of the Global Girls’ Game with the senior ladies and development girls of the local Cape Town ice hockey team, Griffins. The morning got off to a great start at the Ice Station with the club’s senior players being actively involved in the development girls’ practice by coaching and partnering up with a group of players to learn new skills and have fun. As the ages of girls varies, the engagement between the younger and older players created a bond amongst players in the province and allowed for much fun to be had. Kayleigh Weyers mentioned: “Ice hockey was really awesome today, I had such a blast.” Martine Kruger said: “It’s so much fun sharing your passion by helping new girls learn some skills and seeing them enjoy it.“ The sport is rapidly growing in the country and “it is fantastic to see the older players sharing their skills and love of the game with the next generation,” mentioned provincial manager, Gillian Swart.  
26 Luxembourg 10:00 3-5
Sun Kockelscheuer 10:00  
Comments: 17 skaters and two goaltenders came to the Patinoire de Kockelscheuer near Luxembourg City for the first Global Girls’ Game – and the first women’s ice hockey game ever – in Luxembourg. Several newspaper reports and TV channel RTL came to witness history. Head coach Christophe Hernadnez asked three of his former players from Amneville (France) to help as well. It was an amazing experience for the Luxembourgers having the first official game. It was a good start for launching the first women’s hockey team in the country. Each Monday night they practice and they are getting more each week. “As they are all beginners, it is very easy to move on together, the level is quite the same and we try to have all the girls on the same level so that they grow together as a team,” Hernandez said. “We hope that in a few years, we will be able to build a national girls’ team. It was a great moment for the ice hockey here in Luxembourg and also a historical moment for our Luxembourgish Ice Hockey Federation.”  
27 Lithuania 11:40 2-2
Sun Elektrenai 10:40  
Comments: The Global Girl’s Game in Lithuania was the same date as the ‘’Hockey Lietuva Lady Cup’’ international girls tournament. The two-day tournament involved five teams from Latvia, Lithuania and Ireland were participating. Also Lithuania celebrated the Independence day on February 16th. The game between team „L&L“ (LAT) and „”Hockey Girls“ (LTU) was Lithuania’s Girls Global Game. And the game ended 2:2.   
28 Netherlands 10:45 1-3
Sun Tilburg 10:45  
Comments: It was a very close game for the first two periods until Team White scored two third-period goals. In the Netherlands the Global Girls’ Game alternates between different places, this Sunday it was in Tilburg. 28 young women were on the ice from 14 to 40 years old.  
29 Switzerland 11:00 3-0
Sun Reinach 11:00  
Comments: For the third time Switzerland took part at the annual Global Girls’ Game. As the senior league is in the playoffs, the call went out to the successful U12 program “Girlsteams”. And the players came from across the country to stand for “Blue” (in red) or “White” in Reinach in the canton of Aargau. With a cheering crowd in the stands Team Blue blanked Team White 3-0. Jelena Sonderegger, an 11-year-old player from Lyss, opened the scoring after 68 seconds played to give her squad the lead they wouldn’t give away. But more important was to come together and the players are already looking forward to the 2020 edition.  
30 Sweden 11:00 3-5
Sun Vallingby 11:00  
31 Germany 12:30 5-1
Sun Bad Kissingen 12:30  
Comments: Nearly 60 girls from 7 to 12-year-olds participated in Germany’s stop of the Global Girls’ Game, which took place at a central location in Bad Kissingen, about midway between Frankfurt and Nuremberg.  
32 Slovakia 12:30 3-2
Sun Bratislava 12:30  
Comments: This game in Bratislava included the centralized women’s team HC SKP Bratislava representing Team White with 15 players competing in a game of the U16 boys’ league against Ruzinov Bratislava. Tatiana Korenkova scored both goals for the girls.  
33 Singapore 19:30 3-1
Sun Singapore 12:30  
34 Iceland 12:00 3-6
Sun Reykjavik 13:00  
Comments: Iceland's Global Girls Game had players from all ages, from 5 and up to 37 – but the core was younger players mixed with senior players, including both former and current women’s national team members. The game took place in the capital city of Reykjavik.   
35 Argentina 11:00 3-2
Sun Buenos Aires 15:00  
Comments: In the summer of Buenos Aires with 30 degrees Celsius the GGG match was played. It was a game without penalties with fair play and a very tight result. The Blues won by 3 to 2 to the Whites. The MVP of the match went to the captain of the Argentina´s National Team Leana Villagra that got 3 points. Congratulations to all participants and to continue with the development  women's ice and inline hockey.  
36 Kuwait 18:00 3-5
Sun Kuwait City 16:00  
37 Belgium 17:00 9-15
Sun Mechelen 17:00  
Comments: The newest ice rink in Belgium, ICSM in Mechelen, was the place for Belgium’s Global Girls’ Game with 38 players officiated by two female referees, Karen Phlippo and 14-year-old Ajte Heyrman, who aspires an international career. They came together from 11 clubs all across the country. All age categories were present on the ice as the first line consisted of girls from U8 to U12, the second line from U14 to U16 and the third line from U19 and senior players including some members of the national team. The score went back and forth before Team White skated to a 15-9 win. Lola Gestels was the best scorer with seven goals. Also remarkable was Camille Sommerschuh, a U12 player who easily participated in the second line of U14/U16 players. National team captain Valerie Jenaer has confirmed her status and also a surprise was the relatively unknown goalie Charlotte Swinnen, who this season made her entry into ice hockey from inline hockey. It was a fun game where many Belgian hockey girls met each other today and once again showed the world that ice hockey is a fun sport for girls.  
38 Austria 17:25 2-0
Sun Vienna 17:25  
Comments: Austria played this game with 27 players from the two top clubs in the country and had approx. 200 spectators at this event. In first period Team Blue had 14-11 shots, but neither team managed to score against strong goaltenders. At 33:14 Team Blue finally succeeded in scoring the first goal on their second power play. Team White tried hard to tie up but did not manage to score against the blue team’s goalie, who stopped 28 shots in total. At 55:56 Team Blue celebrated the second goal, which meant the final result in this promotion event.  
39 Croatia 18:00 1-2
Sun Zagreb 18:00  
Comments: Croatia organized a Global Girls' Game event in the capital city of Zagreb.The emphasis was to include as many girls from all Croatian clubs between the age of 6 and 12. It was a very close game and all girls had fun and enoyed themselves on the ice. Croatian women's national team player Marta Vrbančić Fabić opened the game with a ceremonial puck drop.
The game concluded with a 2-1 victory for Team White.
40 USA 12:00 2-0
Sun Detroit 18:00  

Comments: The third game of the Rivalry Series between the United States and Canada served as the final game of the Global Girls' Weekend.

Canada (representing Team Blue) shut out Team USA (Team White) 2-0 to claimethe inaugural Rivalry Series. The series was an opportunity to showcase the top players from Canada and the U.S. to fans. It also served as a measuring stick in short-term competitions, including the upcoming IIHF Women’s World Championship in Espoo, Finland.

Shannon Szabados turned aside all 38 shots she faced – including 21 in the third period – for her 18th career shutout, second all-time in Team Canada history (Kim St-Pierre, 29).

Brianne Jenner and Blayre Turnbull had the goals for Canada.

2019 Global Girls' Game