Our Mission

IIHF Mission and Role

The IIHF’s mission is to promote ice hockey throughout the world and to lead the ice hockey movement as recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The IIHF’s roles, include but are not limited to:
  1. Govern, develop and promote men and women’s ice hockey, in all forms and at all ages, including the development of coaches and officials, worldwide;
  2. Control international ice hockey;
  3. Adopt, formulate, issue, interpret, implement and amend statutes, bylaws regulations/codes and guidelines as are necessary for the governing, development and promotion of ice hockey, specifically including but not limited to eligibility for IIHF Competitions, the orderly movement of players internationally and the establishment of International Playing Rules;
  4. Formulate or adopt and implement appropriate policies and programs in relation to discrimination, sexual harassment, equal opportunity, equality, drugs and doping, integrity, health, safety, ethical governance and environmental sustainability, and such other matters that arise from time to time as issues that are in the best interest of ice hockey;
  5. Legislate for and govern IIHF Activities in compliance with good governance principles;
  6. Establish and maintain the IIHF judicial system, providing processes for the appeal of decisions and the settlement of disputes;
  7. Allocate and organize all IIHF Events and competitions and, where appropriate, approve international ice hockey games where this is in the interests of furthering its mission and role;
  8. Arrange sponsorship, media coverage, licensing rights, advertising and merchandising in connection with IIHF Competitions; and
  9. Co-operate with, join with, and/or support any association, organization, foundation, society or individual where the activities or purpose are similar to those of IIHF or which advance ice hockey throughout or in specific parts of the world.     
The IIHF Strategic Plan encompasses the IIHF Mission and Role; specifically, the IIHF focuses on its mission and role to run a robust championship program to build and develop ice hockey globally under an umbrella of the best good governance and integrity principles.

Click here for a booklet about the IIHF Strategic Plan 2022-2026 "ICE26" (PDF, 6.5 MB)