What is Competition Manipulation?

Competition Manipulation occurs when a player, coach or official cheats in order to remove the unpredictability of a competition.
The IIHF rules prohibit 4 forms of Competition Manipulation:
  1. NO BETTING: A player, official and/or player support personal cannot bet on ice hockey games.
  2. NO MATCH FIXING: A player, official and/or player support personal cannot fix an ice hockey game by engaging in behavior which is aimed at the improper alteration of the ice hockey game.
  3. NO SHARING INSIDER INFORMATION: A player, official and/or player support personal cannot share information (such as team tactics or injuries) exclusively known to him due to his involvement with his team or the ice hockey game.
  4. ALWAYS REPORT: A player, official and/or player support personal must always report any suspicious behavior related to competition manipulation.  

Relevant Rules

The IIHF rules on Competition Manipulation are contained within the IIHF Competition Manipulation Code.

Monitoring of Competitions

The IIHF monitors all IIHF Competitions all over the world through elaborate mechanisms and cooperation with sports experts, betting operators and police forces. The IIHF has entered into monitoring partnerships with:


Protect Yourself and Know the Rules

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All concerns regarding Competition Manipulations can at all times be reported to the IIHF on the reporting page.

Investigations and Sanctions

IIHF investigation process
Name Prov. Suspension date Final Decision
Sergei Sheleg 2 July 2020  
Vyacheslav Lishichkin 2 July 2020  
Alexei Ivanov 2 July 2020  
Stanislav Kuchkin 2 July 2020  
Pavel Boyarchuk 2 July 2020  
Alexander Syrei 2 July 2020