From New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas - the last IIHF Global Girls' Game took place 5-6 March 2022. The weekend-long game between the Team Blue and Team White players started with a prologue on Thursday in Singapore and then on early Saturday in New Zealand before reaching Asia, Europe and eventually the last puck drop on Sunday evening in Canada.

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#GlobalGirlsGame Singapore
This weekend we have the #GlobalGirlsGame, which already started with a "prologue" in Singapore. It was the first game since the pandemic for these female players and they had a lot of fun!
SGP 04 MAR 2022
Team Blue Team White
177 182
1 Singapore 21:45 8-8
Thu Singapore 14:45  
Comments: 21 girls came together for the first time since the pandemic. They were split into teams of two according to their skill level, which included veterans as well as beginners with a few weeks of experience. The teams were evenly matched, ending with a score of 8-8 and great post-game vibes in the locker room.  
2 Chinese Taipei 23:00 5-0
Fri Taipei City 17:00  
Comments: Team Blue controled the play from the start but had trouble scoring for a while until Yang Chi Lin opened the scoring in the second period. They never looked back and won 5-0.  
3 New Zealand 16:45 1-3
Sat Auckland 04:45  
Comments: A total of 24 girls participated in what was a closely contested game with Team White pulling out a 3-1 victory. Everyone had a great time and were very excited to be part of the Global Girls Game. Anjali Mulari scored all 3 goals for Team White, and both goaltenders Zadia Paulse and Janet Kidd made some big saves for their respective teams. The girls also attended Learn to Play in Auckland this morning to assist with coaching and the kids loved having them out as coaches.  
4 Australia 15:45 8-9
Sat Melbourne 05:45  
Comments: The Global Girls Game was another huge success this year with Melbourne hosting 43 players across 4 teams in a 2-hour lightning tournament. Players ranged from beginner to national league level, coming together to showcase ice hockey in Victoria. Nine 11-min games were played and combining scores for the day, team Blue took the win 9-8. Prior to the GGG, they hosted a Come and Try session for new female players, led by female coaches from across the state. We saw a massive 44 new players ranging in age from 6 to 46 years of age take to the ice. We’re looking forward to seeing these new recruits in and around the rinks. We’d like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm, staff, sponsors, volunteers, and O’Brien Icehouse for hosting another successful Global Girls event and growing the game for women in Victoria and Australia.  
5 Finland 09:00 9-11
Sat Tampere 08:00  
Comments: The main host city of the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship opened its doors to girls' hockey today as the Global Girls Game landed in Tampere, Finland. The Ilves girls hockey school club hosted 21 players, who played a fun game that ended in a 11-9 victory for Team White.   
6 Denmark 09:45 4-2
Sat Vojens 09:45  
Comments: In the southern Danish town of Vojens, a total of 24 girls were brought together to play out Denmark's stage of the Global Girls Game. Team Blue came out on top in an evenly contested matchup.   
7 Czechia 12:00 16-6
Sat Kurim 12:00  
Comments: Everybody had fun as Kurim played host to the Czech part of the Global Girls' Game. Team Blue impressed in goal scoring in a game that involved 15 female players.  
8 Germany 12:15 3-8
Sat Bergisch Gladbach 12:15  
Comments: 30 players, 6 goalies und 6 coaches took part in a great event with many goals in Bergisch Gladbach but the winner is women’s and girls’ ice hockey.  
9 Croatia 13:00 3-9
Sat Zagreb 13:00  
Comments: The game was played between two teams of 11 players each. It was a very exciting game full of dynamic attacks and counter-attacks, however T,eam White was more successful and luckier.  
10 Poland 13:15 3-4
Sat Katowice 13:15  
Comments: Katowice-Janow – the host city for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Division I Group B – hosted today Podhale Nowy Targ for a women’s hockey game. It was regular playoff game and while competitive also a fair game to promote girls’ hockey. 40 players took part. The youngest was 12 and the oldest 32. It was great watching how women’s hockey in Poland is getting stronger and more popular. The players also showed their support to Ukrainians and dedicated their game to the people fighting for peace and freedom.  
11 Austria 13:45 2-3
Sat Graz 13:45  
Comments: This was a game between DEC Devils Graz (“Team Blue”) and KMH Budapest II (“Team White”), who are ranked second and first respectively in the DEBL. It was a very fast, tough game with both teams in the lead for some time. Towards the end of the game the Devils took too many penalties, which shifted the momentum towards the visiting team.  
12 Spain 14:30 6-0
Sat San Sebastian 14:30  
Comments: 36 players – 18 on each team – participated with the home team Txuri Urdin from Donostia/San Sebastian representing Team Blue and the visiting team Quimeras Valdemoro Team White. Cecilia Lopez was the star of the game with three goals and two assists. Shots were 60-11 for Txuri Urdin, which reached the final afte this win. In the joint team photo they also sent a clear message: no a la guerra - no to the war!  
13 Kazakhstan 19:00 2-5
Sat Nur-Sultan 15:00  
Comments: In an exhibition game in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan involving 24 female players, Team White prevailed with a 5-2 win.  
14 Estonia 18:45 2-7
Sat Tallinn 17:45  
Comments: The Global Girls Game event held in the Estonian capital of Tallinn was broadcasted live in the country. The best player for team Blue was Kyle Hartwell (HC Wolferines) and the best player for team White was Marili Ärmand (HC Grizzlyz). A total of 24 players took part.   
15 Belgium 17:30 10-0
Sat Hasselt 17:30  
Comments: The Belgium Global Team took place at the Sport Vlaanderen ice rink in Hasselt.  The game was officiated in part by a female referee, Ajte Heyrman, who has ambitions to be an international referee.
The two teams were composed of girls from 12 different Belgian clubs, both from the Flemish speaking and the French-speaking part, ranging from age categories U14 until Senior level.
It was a fun game where many Belgian hockey girls met each other today and once again showed the world that ice hockey really means something for girls.
16 France 18:05 4-5
Sat Bordeaux 18:05  
Comments: France's Global Girls Games saw total of 25 girls participating. The game was well played by both teams, it was tight all along. Team white was represented by club Bordeaux-Angletand went up 1-0 before TEam BLue, represented by Occitanie, came back to tie at the end of the 2nd period (2-2). Occitanie took the lead early in the 3rd , and after Bordeaux-Anglet tied up, Occitanie scored a 4th goal 1 minute after. Finally, Bordeaux-Anglet scored two quick ones to head up on top 5-4 at the end of the game. Miriem Amar Ou Ali had 2 points (1g/1a) for Occitanie, and the other goal scorers were Alexane Jeanpierre, Julie Pflieger and Maelys Delluc. Bordeaux-Anglet's Marina Jalinier Fagoaga had a hat trick and Léa Parment scored a goal and an assist. A big shout out to both goalies who both kept this game exciting, Amelie Calvel for Occitanie and Camille Pineau for Bordeaux-Anglet. Thanks for letting us be part of this journey!  
17 Luxembourg 18:15 2-5
Sat Kockelscheuer 18:15  
Comments: Luxembourg got into the Global Girls Game action on Saturday evening, as 19 players played in the country's event.   
18 Ireland 17:15 6-8
Sat Belfast (UK) 18:15  
Comments: It was a closely contested game with players from Scotland, Czech Republic and Lithuania joining the Irish girls for the weekend. After early goals from Lara O’Heinigh and Dominika Soltysova, team white made a comeback through Kaitlyn Morrison who finished the night with 4 goals. Details of the game and pictures from the tournament can be found on Facebook - Ice and Inline Smash 22  
19 Iceland 17:15 5-9
Sat Reykjavik 18:15  
Comments: The Mayor of Reykjavik City, Dagur B. Eggertsson, opened the games by dropping the puck for the two young captains, (white) Hrafnhildur Freyja age 6 and (blue) Jónína Dögg age 5. There were 25 players in total taking part, a group girls and women from ages 5 to 44 and all from the local hockey club SR ishokkiranging. Three pairs of mothers and daughters participated in the game. The game was even the first two periods but whites got the upper hand in the third period and sealed the victory. The parents of players made hot chocolate and coffee and offered players at the end of the game with kleinur (icelandic doughnuts).  
20 Sweden 18:30 3-4
Sat Karlstad 18:30  
Comments: The Swedish version of the Global Girls Game saw Team White and Team Blue being represented by women's ice hockey clubs Färjestad BK (Team White) VS. Södertälje SK (Team Blue). The teams  incorporated the game into their ongoing SDHL Swedish Women's Hockey League quarter-final playoff series.    
21 Slovakia 19:00 3-5
Sat Poprad 19:00  
Comments: Poprad hosted the Slovak edition of the Global Girls Game on Saturday evening. All of the 31 girls involved had a great time playing in their game, a win for Team White.  
22 Latvia 20:30 11-1
Sat Riga 19:30  
Comments: This year's Latvian edition of the GGG was an international game where Latvian team “Lauvas/Prizma” (Team Blue) met Lithuanian team “Hockey Stars” (Team White) for the first time in the play-offs. series for Bronze Medals of the Latvian Championship.   
23 USA 10:00 2-3
Sat Fairbanks AK 20:00  
Comments: USA's Global Girls Game teams featured 35 players aged from California teams facing off in a game in Fairbanks, Alaska. A close game was played between Team Blue and Team White, with a tie game up until the middle of the third period, when Team Blue scored to take the lead 2-1. Team white responded right off the faceoff, and scored two quick goals to win the game 3-2. #97, for Team White, Bella Mardesich, had 2 goals and an assist to help Team White win.   
24 Philippines 10:00 4-1
Sun Pasay City 03:00  
Comments: The Global Girls Game between Team White and Team Blue swung back across the globe back into Asia as the Phillippines hosted the first game on Sunday. A total of 36 players participated, both women, teens and kids playing 3 periods and 12 mins each period. Pepper Galang, the youngest player from team blue, scored the first goal. The overall feeling was happiness and gratitude among the players. It was fun experienced to those who attended the Global Girls Game after two years of no hockey game here in the Philippines due to the pandemic.  
25 South Africa 08:45 4-4
Sun Cape Town 08:45  
Comments: The Grand West Ice Rink in Cape Town, South Africa hosted its Global Girls Game on Sunday and incorporated 21 players from all its various age groups from U12 to Senior Ladies. The goal was to give the younger girls  the opportunity to play alongside the more experienced ladies and also the South African National Team players and to motivate and encourage them to grow as sports women and to continue their Ice Hockey journey. Everyone played to the best of their abilities and had an amazing time. MVP went to Azra Sapat-Obery (11-years-old).  
26 Serbia 11:45 7-6
Sun Novi Sad 11:45  
27 Romania 13:30 16-15
Sun Bucharest 12:30  
Comments: 15 female players took part in this game rich in goals that was held at the rink in Otopeni outside of Bucharest.  
28 Hungary 13:00 1-6
Sun Budapest 13:00  
Comments: Team White did a big step in its comeback attempt by winning with a five-goal margin in Budapest.  
29 Switzerland 13:15 3-5
Sun Sursee 13:15  
Comments: 21 skaters and three goalies participated in Sursee. Melina Schupbach from the EHC Burgdorf youth section put up a five-point show to bring her Team White back from an two-goal deficit to manage a whopping 5-3 victory over Team Blue, which played in red colours in the Swiss edition of the 2022 Global Girls’ Game. The random roster of both teams took some minutes to find each other but once done, the smiles got bigger and the game better and better. No puck was given up on any spot of the ice and the goalies showed some great saves to keep their teams within the range to each other. All players and staff left Sursee with all happy faces, having been able to take part in this great global event.  
30 Bulgaria 14:40 -
Sun Sofia 13:40  
Comments: The game had to be cancelled due to technical issues at the rink.  
31 Japan 21:00 2-2
Sun Tokyo 14:00  
Comments: Japan’s 2022 Global Girls Game was held between Tweedia Crest (Team Blue) and Nippon Sport Science University (Team White) at DyDo Drinco Ice Arena, Tokyo, Japan, as the final game of the annual women’s tournament of the 2021-2022 Tokyo Women’s Ice Hockey League. Best players were awarded as follows: Jun Hoshino, goaltender of Team White, who made 17 saves in the tonight’s game and achieved outstanding performance throughout the tournament. Kyo Asahina of Team Blue, who scored an equalizer.  
32 Turkey 16:30 10-14
Sun Istanbul 15:30  
Comments: Turkey went all-out in the 2022 edition of the Global Girls Game. Out of the 152 players that took part this year, 97 newcomers that came to try hockey for the first time after the game.

Aside from the main event held in Istanbul, Turkey’s GGG program was also extended to several other cities in an effort to engage with and attract more potential recruits to the sport. For the first time ever, there were seven additional expansion cities, and eight in total with the official game. This is the highest number of girls hockey related-events that has ever taken place in Turkey!

Most of the players were U18. At the end of the game, red jerseys were given to the newcomers where the players from Team Blue and Team White welcomed the red team to the ice. The organizers aim to see red team turning into white and blue next year! 
33 Norway 15:45 4-1
Sun Oslo 15:45  
34 Bosnia & Herzegovina 18:00 1-4
Sun Sarajevo 17:00  
Comments: The Global Girls’ Game in Sarajevo took place at the HK Vukovi Bosnalijek Ice Arena. 30 hockey players of all ages (from age 10 until 40+) participated in the match which ended 4:1 in favor of the Team White. The game was opened by Ms. Anja Margetic, Deputy major of City of Sarajevo, while girls from 6 elementary schools watched the game and got the chance to get acquainted with hockey. After the game, they had the chance to put on the basic gear and give hockey a try.   
35 Netherlands 18:45 2-3
Sun Amsterdam 18:45  
Comments: The Netherlands held their Global Girls Game event as a matchup between two women's teams representing Amsterdam (Team Blue) and Heerenveen (Team White), and invited a few special guests to join in on the fun. The honorary head coach for the Amsterdam team was Ron Berteling, a Dutch ice hockey legend and a recipient of the IIHF Torriani Award. Also present was Britt Wortel, one of the founding members and the main architect of the first Amsterdam womens' team. It was a very nice and close game and special to have one Ukraine player (Kelly Whelan) in the team from Amsterdam who posed for the team photos showing a Ukraine jersey. All teams stood together for NO WAR.
"Ukraine has been my adopted home for the last 8 years and this shirt belongs to the club that has become my family in Kyiv — HC Ukrainochka," said Whelan I brought the shirt to remind the Ukrainian women and girls that they are not alone and we play for them when they cannot. We wear different shirts but we are the same. The stadiums in Ukraine might be dark for now, but we have not forgotten them every time we take the ice."
36 Canada 13:00 4-4
Sun Laval QC 19:00  
37 Great Britain 19:00 1-2
Sun Nottingham 20:00  
Comments: 45 Players from the Great Britain U16 and U18 women programme were split into two evenly matched teams, playing in Nottingham on the main Arena ice used by the GB senior women in October’s Olympic qualifiers.  Around 200 fans were in the stands to watch the action.  After a scoreless first two periods, Phoebe Gregg (Blue) opened the scoring in first minute of period three, before Jemma Dilley levelled for White on six minutes.  Ellin Rees potted the decider to hand Team White the win on the night.  
2022 Global Girls' Game