There’s no question that Covid-19 has made it challenging for the entire ice hockey community and its ability to maintain development programs and recruitment. During these times when parents are concerned, youth are turning to alternative activities and ice time is just not available, the International Ice Hockey Federation and its Member National Associations need to work together now more than ever for our sustainable future.

For this purpose, the IIHF, in coordination with its Youth & Junior Development and Coaching Committees, is creating a series of online development webinars for all of our members. The sessions will provide development program coordinators, coaches, parents, officials, and more with background information on a set topic and an opportunity to ask questions of the presenter.

Click below to access the webinar sessions:

Webinars 2022/2023 season

The webinars will be made public after the sessions taking place according to the schedule below.

Webinars 2020/2021 season

After the intro session with feedback for the creation of future webinar series, more webinar sessions will be established and be available here soon.